Who are you? Let your blood type tell you!

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I do neither agree nor disagree with the statement made, but invite all of you to provide me with feedback:

In the past few months I have been working on giving some dating tips here and there, but truth is, generalizing advice is never a good idea.

There are a few basic pieces of advice which usually apply, but the only thing that you can really do best is find out who you are, be who you are and then naturally attract who you need.

By need I do not mean obsessively needing, but needing in a way to make your life complete and compliment you naturally as you yourself will compliment that person.

I believe that men and women both want the same thing. Just different roads and thought patterns lead there.

One thing I consider important is to not expect a new partner to live up to previous partner’s positive side while being perfect at everything that the previous partner was lacking.

Knowing that YOUR partner is YOUR partner is important to both sides as it sets the foundation needed to invest emotional energy into each others.

Because of that, the partner needs to know that he or she is loved for him or her and not a placeholder for an empty space someone else left which would make the other person feel replaceable. And when someone feels replaceable, that person will in return develop a defense mechanism subconsciously preparing him or her for your potential departure which is going to create an unnecessary wall between you two.

Finding the ideal partner is incredibly easy and hard at the same time.

One of the key elements is to recognize that person. And in order to be able to do so, you need a sense of emotional freedom. And only you can find that inside of yourself.

What we do at Datebytype is match people up according to their blood type personalities combined with the health benefit of matching rhesus negatives with rhesus negatives.
It is free to register and you will only see and be seen by those who are blood type compatible with you.

Our unique formula is guaranteed to provide you with the best possible blood type compatible choices and the rest is up to you.

For more information, see: Who is my perfect blood type match?

If you are rhesus negative, you can also find more information here.

So take the step and register for free.

Find out your blood type, if you don’t know and then let’s go!

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