The Valentine’s Day Guilt Giving Frenzy and How to Avoid it.

Once again it’s this time of the year where everyone stressing over their job tries to take 5 minutes to get a great idea
for the type of gift surprising her/him
with a year filled with gratitude following.
Problem is that when communication suffers, ideas how to make the other person happy are suffering as well.

Before you decide on a gift, think about what type of complaints your partner has brought up in the past few months:

Not enough time together? Problems at work?
I personally think the best gift that can be given is time. Quality time together. Alone time. Uninterrupted moments.

Nothing beats a day at the beach surfing in Costa Rica or a day in the Budapest bath house where you can completely feel
back in touch with nature and yourself and suddenly
all of life’s problems are put into a clearer perspective.

But let’s say you live in New York. How do you give someone a gift that equals distance from the usual?

Never give a gift that costs an arm and a leg out of guilt. It will only make you bitter, if happiness as expected does
not automatically follow.

A gift does not have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to cost anything actually, but you need to be creative enough to
be willing to
come up with something unique.
Think about the best time you and your partner have ever had and then go from there?
Where were you, what did you do, how can you recapture these lost moments?

What are your common denominators that both of you enjoy equally?

Truth is whenever you give a gift to someone that matters, you really give a gift to yourself.

So listen to your partner and find out through casual conversation what would make him or her happy.
It is not just the value of the gift, but rather the fact that you listen to him or her and
act upon that.

People tend to be happiest when surprised. Thinking the partner didn’t “get it” and
realizing he or she listened close enough to fulfill a wish whispered. Between the lines.

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