Guess what: Blood type A is highest OUTSIDE of Europe

Usually blood type A is considered the European blood type. But is it really? Many believe that it was “imported” from the fertile crescent and are curious in regards to ethnic groups worldwide known for a high percentage of blood type A.

Here are some you may not expect:

1) Assyrians

Around 60% of Assyrians are blood type A and the cde (rh negative gene) is unusually high.

Who are the Assyrians genetically speaking? A mix. A mix of ancient populations such as the Sumerians and Mesopotamians.

2) Armenians

High in A, especially A2. And the rh negative blood factor unusually high as well.

3) Blackfoot Indians

About 35% – 85% of Blackfoot Indians are blood type A, which is unusually high considering most Native American tribes are 100 percent blood type O.
Note: There is no such thing as a pure Native American anymore and one must consider the frequencies being not always indicative of how it may have been distributed before mixing with non-members of the tribe.

4) Norway

Leads Europe with 50%.

5) Ainu People of Japan

32% is not huge. But considering that only 11.9% are type O. Those are the numbers for the positives. With negatives added, around 35% are A and only 13% are O.

B has the same frequency as A, which makes it interesting considering their presence in Asia while looking at what their heritage might be.

Author, Kanako Uzawa, is of Ainu descent. She was born in Tomakomai, Hokkaido (Japan), but grew mainly up in Tokyo and its environs.

6) The Kalash People and the Kafirs of Pakistan and Afghanistan

Very high frequency of type A, but nothing unusual when it comes to rh negative frequencies. And what else the Kalash are unique for is their 9% frequency of the rare haplotype J2.

7) Pharaos: The 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

It looks like almost all, if not all of them were type A2. Which is not as surprising considering the high level of inbreeding.

8) Australian Aborigines and surrounding Oceanians

Hawaiians, Grand Andanamese … you name them.

9) Saami People

With over 60 percent blood type A, the Sami are ethnically speaking the “A-est” population of Europe.

10) Karaite Jews

Their 22 percent A is not significant, but 18 percent of it being the rare A2, also frequent amongst the Sami and other tribes with high A frequencies leads me to believe that their origin may hold some clues to the history of blood type A.

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