Blood Type Compatibility in the Western World

Ever wonder why some people just get along why others never will?
Ask your friends about their blood types and find out more about the dynamics within your
relationship, friendships and partnerships.

O and A

When an O meets an A, the O is in charge, or at least in control of the situation.
Sometimes the A makes the mistake to assume the silence of an O means agreement or
not understanding a situation when in reality the O can see through the A, but doesn’t always
feel the need to voice their observations.
To make a relationship between an O and an A best, the following advice will help:

For the A:

Be open, honest, even when you fear vulnerable. The O can sense your fears or when you are on
the right track as well as when you are confused.
Being open and vocal will help the O to trust you and a better and smoother friendship or relationship will be
produced as a result.

For the O:

Give the A time. Sometimes it requires patience, but the combination of an O and an A is a very natural one.
Be protective by confirming when the A is on the right track, as that sort of feedback helps in the growing process and
don’t entertain wrong decisisons by not voicing your concerns.
Once voicing your concerns, step back a little bit and allow the A to find his or her own way him or herself.

A and A:

Two As match very well and since most As are genotypically AOs, there is always the O gene present in ways that the
natural instinct of an O can be activated through both As acting in harmony and helping one another become more
When two As no longer get along, it is hard to find a way back into harmony, as is when one of the As allows another person
to get in the middle of their relationships.
The most important aspect in a relationship between As is the trust aspect and by being completely yourself, you will realize
you not only have a friend or partner who accepts you for you, but also realize that the other A often struggles with similar
issues and after letting go rather than putting up the wall you may usually do in front of a “general audience”, you will
realize that your true strength comes from within.

A and B

A and B is always a tough match. An O can handle a B a lot better than an A can, because while As tend to withdraw from time to
time to think things over wanting to make perfect decisions, Bs tend to “go for it” whether they are sure that they are
right or not.
When in a group setting, the A in the partnership sometimes distances him or herself from the B because he or she realizes that
the connection to others can feel more natural, and even though in private the B tends to want to dominate, he or she
is likely to feel insecure and want to find a way to stay glued.

The best advice to the B is to step back and let the A be him or herself or things will not go well. Especially as As are
very determined long term to reach the goal of feeling comfortable with their surroundings, even if it means getting rid
of those who distract or disturb their flow.

If you are an A or a B, my advice would be to not only rely on what you know instinctively to be right, but rather know
that there is another person in your life who may not see you for who you are. So my advice for the A is to
work hard on communication and be alert that your actions might be misread and your relationship will depend on 100 percent
trust from the B on a personal level. This requires an active decision on the part of the B and if the decision is not made,
it is best to find some distance rather than going around in circles and wasting each others energy.

A and AB

A and AB can be a good fit, but only when the AB actively decides that he or she will be loyal to the A. While an AB can get
sidetracked and switch attitudes easily, the A can tend to feel emotionally safe with the AB when in reality he or she needs
to communicate better to ensure that this is actually the case.
An AB can tend to lash out and become a total surprise actionwise and not always does the A know how to deal with it.

Advice for the A:

Always listen, but cut the chord when the AB is not willing to work on communication.

Advice to the AB:

Think less and feel more. And when “feeling the A”, base your evaluation on this individual rather than previous experiences
which may have shaped you and could potentially lead to misinterpretations.

O and B

An O is naturally in charge of the situation and a B can tend to demand his or her challenge thereof to be validated.
Os and Bs can work together, but need to also have space from one another. An O can easily overreact when challenged and
walk away from a friendship or partnership with a B who doesn’t learn that the O doesn’t always like a challenge when they know instinctively
that they are right on track. A B often feels challenged or threatened for all the wrong reason when an O actually looks out for
both by following their inner guidance.

My advice for both:

Take it easy and see where things go. If they are not going anywhere, be ready to part in peace.

AB and AB

A relationship between two ABs can either be extremely messy or highly harmouneous, often depending on how both have met,
already gotten to know one another and what types of previous relationships have shaped them into becoming who they are at
the moment that they meet.

First impressions are usually resonating high throughout the relationship regardless of time, so if you start out on the wrong foot,
it may be best to think of plan B.

When started the right way, there is usually not much to worry and both will get along fine without too much danger of
anything changing down the line.

O and O

Os usually connect, but not on a level of words or common interest, but just by sensing one another. Not always are Os
connected through much other than that, but very comfortable with one another in a sense that they don’t have to fear not
being understood and don’t always need to explain themselves.
Two Os seem to work so well together from the outside that others often wonder “how do they do it?” which Os tend to look
at the world wondering why there is so much quarrel and disharmony which they can rarely relate to.

The most important thing when an O deals with an O is to remember that there is not only no need to put up a wall, but
that the walls of protection are just hindering you from working well together.
Problems can occur when two Os are competing, because both want to win as both know that they can. But that is only when there is
no real friendship or partnership in existance, as Os tend to know their need to keep their natural inner balance and
respect it with those who they choose to be close with.

B and B:

Two Bs can work very well together, but in the beginning there might be a rough start. When both come to the point where
they decide to let themselves be themselves and allow the other to be as well, a great team can form which often the outside
world doesn’t understand.

My advice to the Bs:

Be you. Embrace the other B and as long as you believe things are progressing in a positive way, don’t change anything and
enjoy the ride.

B and AB:

A B will likely dominate the relationship and an AB can from time to time rise and stand up for him or herself, but often find his or her
own weak spots through a relationship with a B.
The B on the other hand can sometimes tend to go overboard if the AB doesn’t express taking the B seriously and conflict can
It is advised to both to take it easy and not try to change one another, but rather help change the dynamics within the relationship.

A relationship and friendship between an AB and a B can be excellent, but many meetings between an AB and a B will never turn into such
due to the wrong perceptions on the part of the B and an often unpredictable way of the AB to deal with emotions towards the B.

My main advice: MAKE IT WORK. Otherwise it likely won’t.

O and AB:

When an O and an AB connect, the O is always in charge, even though the AB often believes that they are. When in balance and
friendship/partnership or love is priority, this can be overcome, but many times there will be an emotional distance in the
relationship due to the AB not feeling their needs met when it comes to wanting to be understood in regards to past experiences based on
mistakes Os tend to naturally avoid.
In some cultures, it is advised to have an O and an AB match up together out of social convenience and the theory that
an O is a natural leader and the universal receiver AB just going along with being led.
This can work in terms of an easy partnership, but lacks passion, creativity and a “connection too deep to explain”.

Because of that, it is advised that an O and an AB both allow themselves either to become a good team or decide in a
manner of teamthink to not put all their hope into this partnership, but rather use the partnership as a stepping stone
and teacher in how to deal with the world as a whole (for the O) and facing challenges that have previously been avoided (for the AB).

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