Are 0s and ABs really the perfect match?

One of the biggest problems in terms of determining who to match with whom is the belief that somehow people need to even each others out in term of convenience.
I personally believe in the road less traveled, not the one that has been trampled even with nothing new left to offer.
It is therefore that I strongly disagree with the notion that 0 and AB are the match made in blood type heaven.

0s are natural givers and leaders, ABs are receivers.

0s cannot help but lead, or rather, they have a tough time being anyone but themselves.
ABs will often tell you that they don’t like to follow, but the truth is that they tend to feel most comfortable modelling themselves after
someone they have seen proven to be successful before taking on a leadership position on their own.

It is that reason why ABs tend to follow the decisions made by 0s and tend to be happy being in a position executing someone else’s ideas or some ideas they have formed while being in the company of a strongminded 0.

Now the 0s on the other hand, being not able to always fit under someone else’s rules, tend to feel relaxed knowing they are not being challenged.
This is mainly a social phenomenon where they are sort of taking a break from oftentimes idiotic opposition to their natural instinct.

But who brings the best out in one another?

The key is that only through the right challenge can people truly excel.

As an AB in the company of an AB is likely to make his or her own decision learning to get closer to his or her inner voice, 0s tend to balance each others when both wanting to lead the way and finding an even better way together when starting to communicate and trust.

An 0 and an AB may settle for one another, but it doesn’t fulfill them deeply.

As for the As and the Bs, the As are more likely to form a good relationship with an 0 and the Bs with the ABs.

Mike Dammann

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