1 in 33 incidents of the the rare Bombay Blood amongst the Kutia Kondh tribe in Orissa, India

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Since I have already posted this on rhesusnegative.net, I am adding some additional information here.

First you can download the PDF:


The Kutia Kondhs are at home in Orissa, India:

The Kondhs form numerically the largest group among the 62 tribes of Orissa. Known throughout the country for barabaric human sacrifice till a few centuries back, the Kondhs belong to the proto-austroloid stock with considerable mongoloid admixture. They are divided into two logistic group, kui and kuvi. Further they can be classified into various sub groups based on the region they dominate. For example the Dongria Kondhs are found in Koraput, the Kutia Konds of Belghar in Baudh and Kandhmal. The maximum concentration of the Konds is based in Kandhmal and Koraput.

Keep in mind that worldwide only one in 4 million people has the 0h or HH alleles, so calling this a rare find would be a true understatement.

What I have yet to find out though is which blood types are the most compatible partners, but I would say for an HH man it would be an 0 or and HH or H0 woman. And for an 0h woman, an 0 man would do.

But for an HH woman?

~ Mike Dammann

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